Contact Lenses

At GNO Eyecare, we fit a wide variety of contact lenses. We fit patients with nearsighted vision, farsighted vision, astigmatism, bifocal prescriptions, and color enhancement lenses.

Drs. Wilhite, LeBlanc, and Anderson also fit patients in custom contact lenses.These custom contacts are available in soft and hard lenses,RGP's. These custom lenses are used to treat conditions such as high amounts of astigmatism or extremely high prescriptions caused from a variety of conditions. Our doctors fit patients in lenses for kerataconous, post penetrating keratoplasty (PKP), epithelial basement membrane dystrophy, neurotrophic keratitis, etc.Our firm belief is that most patients are candidates for contact lenses with proper training and expectations. Please ask our staff and doctors if you are a candidate for contact lens wear.