What's New

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

We are excited to have this ground breaking technology in our office. This will allow our doctors to manage and treat certain eye conditions much sooner and easier than ever before! Please ask our staff about our new OCT machine.

Contact Lenses

Acuvue contact lens with light adapting technology.

Did you know you can wear contact lenses for one day and then throw them away? These lenses are called daily disposable contacts. Dr. Wilhite and Dr. LeBlanc primarliy fit daily disposable contact lenses. This is because they are the safest and healthiest option for contact lenses. There is a large reduction in the risk for infections because the lens is never put back into the eye after it has been worn. It is truly a daily replacement contact lens. 

These are great options for patients that would like to wear contact lenses on the weekends, beach trips, camping trips, sports. etc. It allows our patients to use contact lenses at their discretion and as frequently or infrequently as they choose.

Why Daily Disposable Contacts?

  1. Safest option for contacts.
  2. Better vision. Fewer deposits on lens surface leads to sharper clearer vision.
  3. Reduction in allergies and infections.
  4. Great for weekend or evening wear
  5. Best option for our contact lens and glasses wearer that prefer to split time between each modality.
  6. Great for first time wearers. If a lenses is ripped or torn, only out one day. If a monthly lens is ripped or torn, 30 days have been lost. 
  7. Multiple options for vision correction as noted below.
  8. No more solution and lens cases.

Colored Contacts

Daily disposable lenses come with color enhancements to change or alter the appearance of your eye color. These are ideal for our patients that would like an enhancement for the weekend or evening out on the town and would like to stand out a bit more.

Multi-Focal / Bi-Focal Contacts

Multi-focal/Bi-focal- Daily disposable lenses now come in bifocal fits that allow a patient to give up glasses completely. Our more experienced patients that need a bifocal lens now have the opportunity to see the world without their progressive bifocal lens. These multi-focal daily lenses are also great options for weekend, beach, or evening use.


Most astigmatism prescriptions come in a daily disposable option. Please ask our staff and doctors if daily disposable contact lenses are an option for you.